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Tubetool Supplies Package Offer


Tubetool Supplies Package Offer

Original price was: $222.75.Current price is: $190.00.

Our four specialised tools are exactly what you need no matter if you’re in plumbing, construction or home renovation/maintenance. We are proud to offer all four of our Tubetool Supplies products at one great discounted price. Saving you a total of $32.75!

With the Tubetool Supplies Package Offer you will receive our 4 key products for a great discounted price. Check out the details below:

12 Degree Cutter

A unique tool designed for a specific task. The two different size cutting blades, one at each end, are configured to cut and re-shape 1/2 and 3/4 fittings suitable for connecting to 62 and 63 “tap connectors” Using a hand held power drill at low speed the cutter will reshape the bore of the fittings removing the minimum amount of material required. It will not overcut and ensures a secure and leak free connection.  

BP 19 Nipple Cutter and Brass Catcher

The BP 19 Nipple Cutter cuts and prepares BP 19 fittings for a secure and leak free connection to flexi cone and flat seat flexible connectors. Using the cutter in a suitable hand held power drill the flat profile cutting blade will rapidly cut back the fitting. Reverse the tool in the drill and use the bevel blade to cut a smooth internal seal surface, and clean the thread start for a leak free and smooth connection. The ‘Brass Catcher’ cleans up as you cut, catching and containing 90% of the cuttings. Saves time, Saves Money!  

Face and Edge Tap Reseating Cutter

This NEW product solves an age old problem. The unique design and cutting action of the blade not only cleans and smooths the tap seat face but also forms a smooth radius to the entrance of the tap throat. This removes ALL sharp edges, preventing valve sticking and tearing and extending valve life. The cutter prepares tap seats to suit ALL valves including soft sealing dome valves. A power drill is not required.  

8mm Socket Trench Wrench

An inexpensive but very useful tool that makes wet and awkward poly pipe trench connections easy, non-slip and secure.